"In the USA, artists with great smiles head west to LA, while artists with great souls head east to NYC," says Nick Broad. "The city is full of a wide variety and depth of passionate artists who don't just perform for fun – this is who they are, and art is how they think. There are thousands of street performers in the city. It's a beautiful thing to explore."{read full article}


Cara Magazine for Aer Lingus
October 2015


"...It’s a sad but true fact that many New Yorkers are fast-paced, impatient people who can’t even  with all the weird stuff they see everyday. That’s why they often don’t even bat an eye at the myriad of (often subpar) subway performers they’re forced to tolerate.

But one little girl has put the joy back in New Yorkers’ miserable winter commutes with an impromptu dance party..."

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Radio Ibiza Brazil
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“...Living in the city and being surrounded by the constant energy is great for staying motivated,” says Thomas. “There are so many opportunities at our fingertips and being able to meet and connect with people from all over the world is truly a blessing...”
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Singles Magazine
September 2015
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"...On a recent afternoon in Washington Square Park, we followed the sounds of a sandpaper-meets-velvet voice and “old time rock ‘n soul” until we happened upon the band behind the video, Coyote & Crow..." {read full article}


"...The most rewarding thing is people sticking around to see you. …. We'll get notes in the tip box from people who say we missed our train so we could hear more songs..."
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"...It's a blisteringly hot Saturday in July, but the Bedford L train station is relatively cool. On the platform, husband and wife duo Thomas and Jamie Kopie (a.k.a. Coyote & Crow), armed with a banjo and a portable kick-drum, break into an old-timey cover of the George Gershwin classic "Summertime" Almost immediately, the hipsters, tourists, and post-brunch idlers form a wide circle around the band. Some film them with cell phones, while others drop dollar bills into the small box in front of the band..." 
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Marc Ecko's Complex Magazine, complex.com

"...Tomorrow evening a plethora of street performers will head to Villain (50 N 3rd St.) in Williamsburg as a part of our Street Performer's Riot. Among those acts is a married couple named Thomas & Jaime Kopie, also known as Coyote & Crow..."
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 "...I met musical couple, Thomas and Jamie Kopie last week at a restaurant in the Lower East Side of Manhattan called The Leadbelly! First I saw Thomas and then Jamie came strolling in with her long brown hair. These two were so comfortable with their surroundings! Keep your eyes peeled for a feature on these two! If you're in New York check out their facebook fan page for updates on when they'll be performing..."   {listen here}



"...When I hear strings being plucked and a hefty boot stomping on a tambourine, I tiptoe down the rest of the stairs, as if anyone can hear my flats on the concrete over the screeching train. I put my hood up, sunglasses on and sneak behind a pole. The roaring blast of Americana that once was a sound of comfort and home now has me..."
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